Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pre Production Of Magazine.

We were given a task to create a new college magazine, I decided to base my magazine of student lifetsyle for men. I want to include the things such as Fashion, Sports, Music, Films and Gadgets. These would be the things that are involved in each and every student's lives, even though not all of them apply to the students, but at least one of them will take intrest from a student which will make them want to open up the magazine and read it. We had to include a medium shot and a close-up photo, then a masthead.

I then had to come up with a a colour scheme, I chose the colours: black, white and red. This keeps in line with the rule of three, only having three colours, more will be too much and make it look too busy and unnatractive. When I look at magazine covers such as VOGUE, GQ, LOVE, DETAILS they all have only three colours on the cover, which is why I thought that I should use only three because it will make it look much more professional than just throwing in random colours that clash.

I looked through the list of fonts that was available, I really like Calibri because it was clean and clear, which would look professional on the cover. I also decided that I was going to call my magazine 'HOMME' which translates 'MEN' in french. I thought that this would be a good name for the magazine because it would stand out like 'VOGUE'.

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  1. Good stuff Bank. Try and explain who Homme would appeal to? What sort of male student would read this?