Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hot Fuzz

The movie opens up with Nicholas Angel walking down a corridor, he is in the centre of the shot, this shows that he is the important object on the screen. Also surrounding him is a golden light, this suggests that he is somewhat of an angel, coming down from the gates of heaven coming to help the people. As he continues to walk down the corridor, his face is hidden from the audience, all the audience can see is a silhouette of a policeman walking down. The silhouette could imply the idea of power of the uniform, you don't actually have to see the man himself. It is the uniform that gives the man the power, and without it. He is just another normal citizen on the street. We also hear his footsteps getting louder and louder as he gets closer to the camera, this would also imply the idea of power of the uniform.

The camera then moves onto the next shot which shows his previous achievements, like his police training and exceeding in his 'coursework' and 'final examination'. He also received the 'Baton Of Honor', good with 'Advance Driving' and 'Advance Cycling'. This shows that he has worked hard for what he has, and he is also very proud and takes a lot of pride in his work. On screen, all the shots are very fast paced, the director has done this on purpose because he wants the audience to see how much he has achieved, and make them feel sorry for him when he gets the one thing thats he's good at. Being a Policeman, being taken away from him.

Last of all, his name is an oxymoron, because it has both good and bad in it. 'Nicholas Angel', Nick is short for 'Nicholas' as in going in the nick, and then 'Angel'. Like a messenger of God being born on earth to help the people for the greater good.

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  1. Really good stuff Bank. Clear, concise yet insightful. Your big target for this year is to answer lots of questions in class and get involved. You should definitely aspire for a high grade in media.

    Keep it up.