Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Film Editing

We started to edit our film for the continuity task that was given,I found it quite hard to catch on.It was quite different from using windows to using a mac and iMovie. We learnt how to copy and extract audio from the clips and put them in the background of another shot which was quite effective. We started to cut our shots, and putting them together so it'll flow continuously.

We did have a problem when we filmed two different shots, it was of Eleanor walking through the door, and her walking down the corridor. The problem was that in the first shot of her walking through the door, the lighting was brighter, and in the second, it was darker. Therefore when we put the two shots together, it looked like she wasn't in the same place.

But we fixed it by using an close up of her foot walking, this will make the audience think that she has walked further down the corridor than she actually has which is why the lighting is different. 

We still haven't finished our whole film because we didn't get the chance to finish filming all the shots in the lesson, but we only have one left to do which is of Eleanor and Ella having a conversation which was in the brief that was given to us.

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  1. Thanks, Bank. You did well in the lesson and tried to overcome the difficulties in editing in a 'seamless' manner.