Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The 5 C's

- Camera Angles
- Contuinity
- Close - Up
- Composition

When telling the audience where the film is set, the director would a long shot. This lets us help the viewers see the important information that they need to know, like where the characters are.

A Medium - Shot is the most commonly used shot in cinema. It is used to show any character interaction. For example, the shot would have two characters talking to each other. Therefore letting the viewer see whats around and where they are like at a resturant, office etc.

Close - Up something/ someone important to show the audience. E.g. If a person was married, the director would have a close up at the characters hand showing a wedding ring.

Conintuity - Generally refers to visual errors. In very basic terms, it means having a character in a red top one seconf then a blue top the next. Seeing something that wasn't in the shot a second ago, but just appeared out of no where.

Cutting / Editing - Essential, otherwise films would be in real time and woud never end. It allows the director to change locations. The main use is to either add pace to a scene to make it exciting or to slow it down for dramatic emphasis.

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