Wednesday, 23 March 2011

3D Cinema

The data from the expected 3D blowout isn't what people expected. After about 80% of the people who saw 'Avatar' in 3D, people assumed that the 3D format would quickly overtake the theatrical distribution. But recently the 3D's box office trajectory has been going downwards almost ever since the moviegoers apparently growing disinterested in paying high ticket prices for uneven quality.

Only 45 percent of opening box-office revenue for Universal's hit animated family movie 'Despicable Me' for example came from 3D distribution. And the most recent 3D release, Warner's converted was 'Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore' which grossed  only about $6.9 million in 3D revenue for its opening weekend -- the worst performance in the format's modern era.

The overall message isn't that 3D is a fad or that it's going away, but it is unsure that it has come to the point where 50% of box office is derived by 3D ticket sales as some of the bulls currently believe. The New York Times noted on Ruesday, nearly 60 3D releases queued up for the next two years, the 'bulls' can still be found in herds back in hollywood. In fact, the flurry will continue this weekend, when Disney releases 'Step Up 3D'.

Studio executives stridently dispute tyhe notion that the public is losing interest in 3D, despite data that shows on a percentage basis, a declining amount of box office dollars have been spent on 3D tickets of late.

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