Wednesday, 10 November 2010


The Film 'Moon' was directed by Duncan Jones and starred Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey, Rockwell plays the lead of 'Sam Bell' who is an astronaut working on the moon harbouring Helium 3 which is energy from the sun trapped on the surface on the moon. Spacey plays the robot 'Gerty' at the base.

The film is aimed for a unique audience, it definitely does not fit the four quadrant. The film is mainly about expressing Sam's feelings, which is what brings out the complexity of the film.The certificate of the film is a 15, which is why it isn't a four quadrant picture, children wouldn't be able to watch it and I think in my personal opinion that it definitely doesn't to a stereotypical teenager. I think that it's aimed for older people like Uni students and upwards, the reason for this is because while I was watching it, it tackles the topic of loneliness, it shows how a person can change over time in isolation which is what makes the film so interesting.

 The film has basic special effects, this is because of the budget of the whole production, they only had five million dollars to do everything. Also the whole movie was filmed in one month. Which is very unusual because most movies take six months to a year to film.

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    Try and add more detail about the production, I have done all the research for you here

    Also try and explain the marketing of the film, how was it effected by budget as well how was it shaped by the film's producer.