Monday, 22 November 2010


How different ethicnities are portrayed in the media:

Mexicans - Certain types of things that are generally associated with a person who is of mexican decent are that they may eat nachos, speak spanishm live in the desert and wear ponchos. These are the connotations of mexican, it may not be what they actually do but it is what the public assume.

Irish - The things that are associated with the Irish are that they might be drunks, aggressive, friendly, gypsys.

French - Sriped tops, berets,

American - Loud, talking on 'cellphones', over nice - sometimes portrayed as 'fake'. Overwight or underweight.

Catholics - Closed MInded

Indians - Curry, wear hijab, henna, arranged marriages, lots of children.

English - Posh or Chav, tea, snobs, mini-cooper.

Black people - bandana, hooligans, violent to girlfriends.

Muslims - wear head coverings, terrorists.

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